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Mynach Cottage

Storeys : single
Sleeps : 4 + 3
Bedrooms : 2
Bathrooms : bath with shower
Accessibility Category : 3

Mynach meaning monk is named after the farm which used to be the 'Monks House' and is an ideal cottage for the large family. Both bedrooms are adaptable, with the cottage accommodating up to seven people. Mynach is centrally located giving easy access to the car park and the leisure facilities.

At the rear double doors lead onto a westerly facing patio which slopes gently to the garden, with views across the lawn to the river and barbecue area.

Living Room
Living Room
Bathroom (typical)
Bathroom (typical)
Kitchen (typical)
Kitchen Area (typical)
Twin Room (typical)
Twin room (typical)
Double room (typical)
Double room (typical)